Drawing & Technical Services

Technical Drawings

We can prepare location plans, elevational drawings, sections etc. of your proposals for pre-application and planning permission purposes. We use Computer Aided Design (Auto CAD) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for such work enabling electronic submission of plans and drawings.

Engineering surveys, studies & reports‚Äč

Utilisting the expertise of our parent company Energyline Limited, we are able to provide a range of technical services to support development proposals including: topographical and measured surveys, civil engineering surveys and studies, geotechnical investigations, contamination assessments, overhead line and cable system design, geomorphological mapping and hazard identification.

Flood Risk & Drainage Assessments

We can assist you with Flood Risk Assessment (FRA), non-mains drainage assessments and the design of sustainable drainage systems

Other Specialist Surveys & Studies

Where required and alongside our trusted partners, we can support you with; Visualisation, photomontages and 3D models of proposals, traffic impact assessments, statements and travel plans, contaminated land assessment, sunlighting/daylighting assessments, noise / acoustic assessments and air quality assessments.

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Technical Services