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Northern Planners offer a range of planning, environmental and technical services to help you achieve your project objectives. Please click on the relevant services below to find out more.

Land promotion

Getting your site on the map

When local planning authorities prepare or update their Development Plans, there is the opportunity for land owners to promote their site for inclusion in the Development Plan as a site allocation. Allocations can be made for residential, employment or even ecological/biodiversity purposes. Northern Planners has experience in promoting sites thorough the development plan process.

Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects

Supporting major infrastructure

Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) are large scale developments (relating to energy, transport, water, or waste) which require a type of consent known as “development consent”. We provide planning services to support the preparation of applications for development consent as well as their construction/implementation.

Stakeholder engagement

Speaking to the right people

In order to address all the relevant material planning considerations related to development proposals, it is often necessary to speak to stakeholders both prior to an application being submitted and during the determination process. Whether this involves formal discussions with national organisations such as the Environment Agency and Natural England, or more informal chats with neighbours or local councillors, we ensure engagement is professional and successful.

Planning Appeals

Challenging adverse decisions and conditions

Sometimes planning decisions don’t go your way. If after a review of the reasons for a refusal or conditions, we consider an appeal has potential for you, we will prepare your grounds of appeal, lodge the appeal application and manage the process throughout, including regular updates to inform you of your appeal’s progress.

Planning Conditions & Obligations

Helping you get started on site

In order to implement your planning permission you may have to satisfy conditions that have been imposed by the council as well as any obligations that have been entered into under a legal Section 106 agreement. We will help you discharge these requirements by conducting the right surveys and preparing the correct schemes.

Planning Applications

Improving your prospects of permission

We provide a preparation and submission service for all types of planning applications on a package basis suited to your specific needs – this can range from general advice / guidance and a ‘helping hand’, the preparation of a single supporting report, right through to full project management of the entire application. We are experts in producing Design and Access Statements and Planning Policy Appraisals in support of proposals.

Pre-application & Feasibility Assessments

Establishing if your idea has potential

We provide a detailed investigation of your development proposal/planning issue to help identify the best course of action and strategy for a successful outcome. This is based on a site visit, review of documentation and where appropriate pre-application consultation with the local council.

Representations & Objections

Giving your views more impact

We submit representations and speak to Planning Committees on your behalf about your proposal or applications that will affect you. We also make representations on the policies and development land proposed in new Local and Neighbourhood Plans, including the promotion of sites for landowners.

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