If you go down to the woods…

The Hunting Archer Sculpture


Over the past 12 months, NP has been assisting the Woodland Trust with the first stages of a major investment programme for its flagship attraction, Skipton Woods, in North Yorkshire.

Nestling in the shadow of the historic Skipton Castle, the ancient woodland site of Skipton Woods is one of only 2 Visit England-accredited ‘Destination Woods’ in the North of England, reflecting its popularity with both local people and tourists from further afield.


Given this strategic importance, the Trust is planning a series of projects to enhance the Woods appeal to visitors and better reveal its history, landscape and other characteristics.

So far NP has helped secure planning permission for new public art sculpture installations and access improvement works.




Northern Planners is proud to count the Woodland Trust amongst its environmental charity clients (we also for example undertake work for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)

We wish them  all the best for their plans in 2019.

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