March News

All Change for National Planning Policies

This month sees the publication of a draft new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). Proposed new clauses promote:

  • Affordable housing on brownfield Green Belt land;
  • Houses for successor farmers;
  • Exception sites for entry level home developments, and;
  • Greater flexibility on sunlight/daylight standards in higher density housing schemes.

It will be interesting to see if some of these changes make it into the final version, after the current consultation finishes in mid-May. As ever, Northern Planners will be exploiting all the new opportunities for the benefit of our clients.


V is for Viability

Along with the draft NPPF (see above), the Government is also consulting on its revised approach to developer obligations. They propose that in future, viability assessments should be primarily undertaken at the plan-making stage and be based on the Existing Use Value plus Landowner Premium technique. The Government is also proposing to allow certain local authorities to introduce a Strategic Infrastructure Tariff. In the longer term, the Government will continue to explore options for going further e.g. contributions to affordable housing and infrastructure could be set nationally, and be non-negotiable.


Even More New Homes on the Farm

Government has also announced that next month, the rules on what can be done to redundant farm buildings without planning permission, will change.  New permitted development rights will mean up to 5 new homes will be able to be created rather than the maximum of 3 currently allowed.

If you have any buildings you think might be candidates for this bonus windfall, please get in touch and we will check out the potential.