An early Christmas gift for small scale developers!


In the last few weeks there have been some recent changes to planning policy regarding affordable housing provision which is said to remove red tape and encourage more house building. In news that will please small scale developers, housing sites of 10 units or less and which have a maximum combined floor-space of 1,000 square metres will no longer have to provide affordable housing and tariff style contributions for their development. For designated rural areas such as National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty a lower threshold of 5 units applies and the policy does not apply to rural exception sites.

This news has not come as a relief to all though. Rural housing and planning authorities believe that these changes will be ‘catastrophic’ for rural areas. Figures show that around two thirds of affordable houses in rural areas last year were built on small sites and the new change will put the affordable housing supply at risk.

Only time will tell if this will be the case!