Shrinking Houses?!

diagramIf you have ever thought that your family is being squeezed into smaller spaces, you’re certainly not the only one and a new report from the Post Office might offer an explanation!

The report based on research by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors compared the average home being built today, with newly-built semi-detached houses in 1924. It found that family homes have almost halved in size in the last century, from an average size of 1647sq ft for a four bedroom house, to only 925sq ft for a three bedroom house, a difference of 722 sq ft. Many families now have to face the living in houses with children sharing bedrooms and little or no garden space, something I think we all would prefer not to face!

One current Northern Planners project, a proposed residential development in Knaresborough, has taken on board this issue and will aim to provide bigger, affordable homes, with plenty of garden space for families.

Keep an eye out on our projects page for details of this development!